Bill's Commentary for the Legends Nationals in Las Vegas, NV 10/09/04

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Bill's Commentary



Practice Round 1 1st time on this track. 6 Laps. Off the race pace almost 2 seconds 1st Time on Track In less than 2 minutes I had to adjust to a new track and size up my competition.  With only six laps to work with, I had to put aside the intimidation felt  from being on an unfamiliar racetrack and unknown competitors.  To try to put it into perspective, we are given 6 laps @ just under 18 seconds each to:  determine our car's capability, size up against the competition, determine any adjustments necessary, learn to compete on the veteran's track, and learn the line, all in less than 2 minutes.  I chose FAITH as my practice song.
Practice Round 2 6 Laps. 2nd and final practice. Still off the race pace 3/4 seconds. 2nd & Final Practice Going into the 2nd and final practice, knowing I was off the race pace by almost 2 seconds, meant I had to pick up the speed of my learning curve and test the extents of the racecar rapidly.  We picked up 1.25 seconds and will face qualifying off the race pace.  I appropriately chose HANGIN' ON  as my final practice song.
Qualifying 2 Laps. sychin' up With the importance of qualifying, I chose the BUD song for  inspiration.  Scoring is on an accumulative points system with qualifying counting as 2 thirds.  It is extremely important to qualify well as it determines your starting position.  Qualifying consists of 1/2 lap warm-up before taking the green flag for the best of 2 laps. On my fastest qualifying lap I cut an oil line, spraying hot motor oil all over the track, tires,  and car.  Around we went, dashing any hopes of winning the championship.
the BUD song qualifying
Heat Race 12 laps. 1st time under competition Photo Finish 1st or 2nd ??? The heat race adds another third to your points.  I took DB's philosophy and chose JUST FINE  as my heat race inspiration.  Even with all the obstacles, when it comes to the race, you take what you have and drive your heart out.  In 12 laps I moved from 4th place to a photo finish of 1st or 2nd.  It was too close for me to call and I never saw the final determination. 
C Main 20 Lap qualifying Main. 7th to 3rd In the C Main, you have to finish in the top 4 to transfer to the next level of competition.  I chose SHINE to motivate and move me.  I had a 7th place starting position and 20 laps to get in the top 4.   In 13 laps I passed the 6 cars in front of me to take the lead.  A Las Vegas track veteran then passed me with 3 laps to go.  We had a caution and on the restart I made a run for the lead, pushed out and finished 2nd, transferring me to the B Main competition.  (I thought).  To my surprise, after clearing tech 3 times prior, my car was found to be 3 pounds light (car and driver must be 1300 lbs).  I was disqualified, ending the racing event and my season much to my disappointment.  I would like to thank everyone who has supported me during the racing season!
SHINE takes lead
      PRE-Released !!! Just for you! DB wanted you to hear this so he provided a pre-released copy.
    DB Bryant's own theme song. "Long Haired Country Boy", originally written by Charlie Daniels. Must Hear this one !